Family Housing Resources

Welcome to the online resident resource center of the Oshkosh and Winnebago County Housing Authority Scattered Site Public Housing Program. Residents of our scattered site programming who reside in our agency's 2-5 bedroom homes, townhomes and duplexes can find forms, policy information, and tools on this page to help them succeed in their home.

Note the resources on this page are not applicable to residents in Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher or Cumberland Court programs.

Much of the Scattered Site interaction with your property manager can be done digitally and by email. Make sure you have reported your current email address to the Housing Authority, and then be sure to check your email regularly. If you are not seeing your manager's emails, be sure to first save the email as a contact and safe sender, and then check other filter boxes for any missed emails.
1. Reporting Changes in Income, Assets, Household Composition, etc.



Residents are required to report all changes to their household within seven (7) calendar days. Reporting must be typed or written, and can be submitted via email, fax, mail or hand delivered.

This reporting includes (but is not limited to):

i. any change in employer or employment income;

ii. change in benefits such as child support, W2, Social Security;

iii. any newly opened or closed bank accounts or asset accounts such as a 401k retirement account or life insurance;

iv. addition of a new baby (addition of other household members must first be approved);

v. move out of a household member;

vi. starting or stopping of school for any household member age 18 and older;

vii. any change to your child care co-pay if you are receiving an allowance credit;

viii. or any other change related to income, assets, household composition, adult schooling, child care expense, and related.


When reporting changes, be sure to include all household changes and all important information about the change. For example, if you start a new job, be sure to report:

i. Name, Address, and Phone Number for your employer.

ii. If you have worked with one person who can help verify, provide their name, title, phone and email address.

iii. How many hours per week and what your hourly wage rate is.

iv. Are there any anticipated changes in hours or pay, such as seasonal work, overtime work, or other?

v. Will you receive any retirement benefits?

vi. What is your start date?

vii. Did a previous job end as part of this change? If yes, provide your last day of work and your last pay>


Use one of the following methods to report your change:

i. Complete the CHANGE REPORT FORM and return via email, mail or using the office drop box. By clicking on CHANGE REPORT FORM, you will be taken to an online folder that includes many important Scattered Site forms

ii. Send an email with the change information. Please review the CHANGE REPORT FORM to ensure that you are providing all of the needed information in your reporting.

iii. Mail in or use the office drop box to submit a typed and legible, hand-written letter providing all of the needed information about the change.

iv. Have a representative from the agency / employer you are working with send reporting directly to the Housing Authority


1. Email your property manager. The email contact is listed on most letters you have received, as well as the manager's business card.

2. Mail to:
Oshkosh/Winnebago County Housing Authority
PO Box 0397;
Oshkosh, WI 54903

3. Fax to 920.424.1474. Use a cover sheet that states who the fax is from and what staff person you want it to go to.

4. Drop off in person at:
-- Oshkosh: 600 Merritt Avenue, Oshkosh. The drop box is located inside of the first set of doors using the southwest entrance (near the circle drive).
-- Menasha: 265 Kaukauna, Menasha. Use the mail slot to the right of the front door.

Whenever mailing, dropping off in person, or faxing, make sure you are very clear who the documents are from and what staff person you need them to go to.#