Mission Statement of the

Housing Authority of the City of Oshkosh

The Housing Authority of the City of Oshkosh (D.B.A. Oshkosh Housing Authority) was established through the efforts of the citizens of Oshkosh to provide safe, sanitary and decent housing that is affordable and accessible to the people of the community. To accomplish this mission, the Oshkosh Housing Authority (Authority) seeks to provide a wide range of housing opportunities for the elderly, low-income families and the disabled and handicapped. When feasible, the Authority will construct new facilities or rehabilitate existing structures for this purpose; the Authority will also seek programs that promote home ownership and rental opportunities in the community. The Authority recognizes the special housing needs of all persons who are disabled or handicapped and will pursue housing programs that provide suitable dwellings that are integrated into the community for these individuals. The Authority is also committed to the principals of fair housing and equal opportunity for all persons including minorities and the other protected classes as established by the State and Federal government.

To achieve these goals, the highest possible standards in the administration and operation of the Oshkosh Housing Authority has been mandated by its Board of Commissioners and the City of Oshkosh.