PH Lease and Move In 4

Great work so far! You have made it to page 4 of Scattered Site Leasing and Move In portal. This page will cover resident Fireworks / Firearm policy, Flat Rent option, and Protections for Victims of Domestic Abuse.

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10. Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home
The unit you are moving into was constructed after the use of lead paint was banned in the United States. However, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development places a strong value on informing residents of the hazard that lead poses and ways in which you can help protect your family from these hazards.

Please read through the Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home guide AVAILABLE HERE. You will find versions in Black and White and Color, offered in Arabic, English, Russian and Spanish. You are encouraged to download and save a copy for your future reference. In addition, you may request a paper copy be provided to you by the Housing Authority.

After reviewing the guide, complete the form titled 12. Lead Confirmation Form SS found in the LEASING PACKET DIGITAL FOLDER confirming that you have been provided this booklet.
05. Access Authorization
The Access Authorization form is an important preparedness document that is used if all household adults experience a serious life event that will prevent them from returning to the unit. The Housing Authority will review this form to determine what non-household adults you have granted access to your unit to coordinate the move out of items and cleaning of the unit.

Important: This form needs to be completed with another individual age 18 and older present who can sign as a witness.

Within the Leasing Packet Digital Folder, locate the form titled "5. Access Authorization" and print this form.

To complete the Access Authorization Form:

- Write down your new address and city.

- Read through all parts of the form.

- Add at least one (1) non-household member adult that you are granting access as described in the form.

- Include the telephone number or phone number for each person you are granting access to.

- Add the date, month and year

- The Head of Household needs to sign, date and print their name.

- The Witness needs to sign, date and print their name.

Here are a few answers to common questions related to the form:

- The witness can be a second household adult, as well as any non-household adult familiar to the Head of Household.

- If you can not think of a family member or close friend to list as an authorized individual, consider listing a support professional or volunteer that you trust.

- You are able to update the form anytime, including removing and adding authorized individuals.

- The authorized individuals are not able to move in or take over a lease. They are simply granted limited access to the unit to help close out your residency.

- You do not need to obtain permission from the adults you are listing on the form. However, you might consider letting them know.

06. No Beds In Basement Agreement
Residents are prohibited from utilizing the basement as a bedroom space. To ensure compliance with this requirement, residents agree to not permit the set up of sleeping space in the basement, and agree not to store any mattresses or box springs in the basement at any time.

Within the Leasing Packet Digital Folder, locate the form titled "6. No Beds in Basement Agreement" and print this form.

On the form, write your new address and then print the head of household name. All household adults must sign this form