PH Lease and Move In 3

Here on page 3 of the online Scattered Site PH Lease and Move In session we will be reviewing the No Smoking Policy, Pet and Animal policy and documents, and Rent Payments / Collection Guide.

Please note that the pet section includes two (2) forms that need completion and return as part of your lease signing, including signing the cover sheet of the pet policy and completing the pet update form. If you will be housing a pet or animal, additional documentation is required.

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07. No Smoking Policy
Residents are not permitted to smoke inside of their property nor within 25 feet of any HA building. There shall be no indication of smoking in prohibited areas, including no ashes, butts, wall discoloration, or odor. This is a mandatory HUD requirement for all Public Housing properties in the United States.

Access the No Smoking Policy within the Leasing Packet Digital Folder titled "No Smoking Addendum" and print this form.

To complete:

a. Read through all sections and pages of the policy.

b. Print your name, address and date on page one at the top.

c. All adults will sign and date near the bottom on page 3 on the lines provided.

d. Save a copy of this policy for your records.

08. Pet Policy and Related Documents
By accepting a lease with the Housing Authority, you are agreeing to follow all pet and animal requirements of the program. It is important for you to remember that at all times residents are prohibited from having unauthorized pets present on HA property.

For your lease signing, your household needs to review the full pet policy, with all adults signing page the completed cover page.
Within the Leasing Packet Digital Folder, locate the form titled "8. Pet Policy Scattered Sites 2020" and print this form.

a. Read through the full policy.

b. On the Agreement cover page, write the date on top along with the head of household name and your new address with the HA.

c. Carefully read through this agreement.

d. All household members age 18 and older shall sign and date the agreement and submit to the HA with your leasing documents.

New residents moving in must also complete the Annual Pet Update Form, notifying the HA if you are intending to have a pet in your home.

Within the Leasing Packet Digital Folder, locate the form titled "9.Annual Pet Update" and print this form.

To complete the Annual Pet Update:

Top of Form: Write the head of household name on top, along with the date and your new HA address.

Section 1: Place a check mark or "X" in the box that matches your pet plans. (no pet / I might have a pet in the next year / yes I have a pet)

Section 2: Only answer if you are PLANNING to get a pet but do not have one yet. Provide the requested information about your plans.

Section 3: Only answer if you HAVE a pet and this pet will be moving in with you. Provide the requested information about your pet, and attach any of the following records you have: municipal or county pet license; current rabies shot records; spay/neuter records. These records will be needed within a short period after you move in, so start working on obtaining any records you are missing.

Also in Section 3 is the listing of a Pet Sponsor name. You only need to complete this field if you HAVE a pet. List the full name and phone number of a close friend or family member that we can contact if there is an issue with your pet. More information on the pet sponsor is provided upon receiving notice that you are requested to have a pet at your unit.

Section 4: All household adults must sign and date this form, even if you are not going to have a pet at your unit.

This important guide provides information on paying rent, including types of payments accepted, where to pay, consequences for non-payment, and a supportive resident policy when you experience a crisis and may not have enough money to pay the full monthly rent amount.

Read through the Rent Payments / Collection Form. The Head of Household will print name, write new address, sign and date. This completed copy is submitted to the HA.

Important: Save one copy for future reference is you, a household member, or another individual or agency has questions about rent.