Family Housing Recert

Scattered Site residents are now able to complete their recertification process digitally.

Below you will find the Housing Authority (HA) recertification forms, as well as the resident documents checklist which details your income, asset and household information documents you need to submit.

The first set of documents below are all mandatory as part of your eligibility recertification for public housing. Most forms must be completed by all household adults. Please read through carefully and be thorough when completing.

The documents located at the bottom of the list are informational handouts that you need to review but that do not require your signature and do not need to be returned. Residents are expected to know all rules and requirements detailed within these informational sheets, and are signing a Certification Form affirming they have reviewed these forms and agree to the terms within.

Remember that you must submit records of all income, assets and related documents as part of this review. THIS RECERTIFICATION CHECKLIST details the documents you are required to submit.
Recert Forms needing your signature and date. These forms must be returned to the HA.

The documents below are provided for your information. You are expected to review each document annually as part of your lease renewal.

Photo by Felipe Salgado