Family Housing Intake

Congratulations on your approval for the Oshkosh & Winnebago County Housing Authority's scattered site programming.

This web portal will take you through the key forms, rules and requirements that are covered during a lease signing and move in appointment. Each page will have three numbered sections, with each section including a form that you will need to complete. You will need to complete all numbered sections and correlating forms.

Page 1 includes information and documentation on utilities, security deposit, and a HUD authorization form.
01. Utility Contact Form
As a resident of the Scattered Site programming, you are responsible for setting up home utilities in your name. By accepting a lease with the Housing Authority, you are accepting responsibility to pay all home utilities in full by the due date.

Within the Leasing Packet Digital Folder, locate the proper form for your city titled "Utility Contact Sheet Lease Signing" followed by the city. Follow the directions for having service placed into your name.

A completed copy of the Utility Contact Sheet must be submitted to the Housing Authority before you are able to receive unit keys.
02. Security Deposit Form and Payment
All residents pay a security deposit installment based upon the number of bedrooms within their unit. The HA will accept full deposit or partial deposit at lease signing. Residents choosing a partial payment option will be required to follow a payment schedule. Extensions are not possible on this payment schedule.

Bring with you to your lease signing appointment a CHECK OR MONEY ORDER for your security deposit payment.

Within the Leasing Packet Digital Folder, locate the form titled "Security Deposit Installment Schedule" and print this form.

If you are paying the full security deposit amount required for your unit ($400 - $700) at lease signing, circle that amount and write "paying in full at lease signing".

If you are going to pay in installments, write the dates of your follow up payments. Dates are one month apart, so if your lease signing and initial payment are on September 10, your next payment will be October 10.

Then all household adults will sign and date the form. Keep the bottom portion for your records.
03. HUD Authorization Form (9886)
The US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) requires that our agency have on file a current HUD Authorization Form 9886 signed by all household adults.

All household adults must sign and date this form near the top of page 2.