October 2021 FSS Newsletter

Dear FSS participants and Community Members,

Happy October!

“Are you okay?  So many people have been impacted by the unique stressors of the pandemic.  Many of them are suffering in silence, not knowing what is happening or having the words to name it. They may not have experienced depression, anxiety, or other mental health concerns before.  But the reality is that the times we are living in are causing our mental and emotional states to change.

Family Services of Northeast WisconsinCatalpa HealthSamaritan Counseling Center, and Foundations Health & Wholeness have partnered to let people know that there is no shame in what they are feeling, and they are not alone.
Together, they are urging people to “Look in” and identify what they are feeling, and “Reach Out” to someone they trust to talk about it. If someone you know is struggling, we want to encourage you to be that trusted person who they can talk to.

Participate in the Look in, Reach Out campaign:

¨  Help is available if you need it; find resources online or dial United Way 2-1-1 to connect to local mental    health services..”

Check out  these happenings and many more in this October  newsletter:

  • Need a job? Check out the Oshkosh Job Fair on  October 12, 2021 from 1pm to 4pm.  See page 9 for more details.  
  • Salvation Army Seasonal Assistance has started! Please see page 6 if you are in need of Coats for kids and/or the Toy Store.

 Please read the rest of this newsletter HERE with educational, employment and community opportunities.  I wish you and your family a very Happy October!  Let’s continue to strive to meet your goals and strengthen your self sufficiency.  And as always,  please let me know how I can help you by calling me at 920-424-1470 ext. 133.

 Your success is my success. 

Kay Hinton

FSS Coordinator

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