August 2021 FSS Newsletter

Dear FSS participants and Community Members,

 Happy August!

Our Main Office is open:  Oshkosh/Winnebago County Housing Authority is pleased to announce that the Housing Authority’s main office at 600 Merritt Ave, Oshkosh is open to the public starting Thursday, June 24th.  Masks are required if you have not gotten the COVID vaccination.

While you are enjoying the weather, please check this out:

FSS Gradation:  I forgot to mention we had an FSS  graduation in May 2021.  This FSS participant  had found full time employment almost immediately when she join the FSS program in May 2017 and is now graduating May 2021.  She has worked hard to better herself and her family while on the FSS program.   She ran her credit report, tracked her spending, made a budget, met with FISC for financial management, maintained budget for 3 months, paid off small debts, updated her resume, created a cover letter, increased her credit score from 459 to 601, and found a full time job as a CNA. She is saving her FSS escrow of $9292 to buy a home.  Congrats!

Oshkosh/Winneconne Back To School Fair:  The Back to School Fair will be  changing this year.  We will be limiting contact with family and friends but we will continue to provide school supplies, hygiene, shoes and clothing.  If you have already signed up, expect a letter coming the first week in August for your appointment date and time.  See you there!

Family Self Sufficiency Outreach Specialist: I am excited to announce the housing authority is hiring for an FSS Outreach Specialist.  This is a  Limited-Term 48 week position to market the FSS program to families,  help families to reach their goals and establish an interest-bearing savings account for each participant.  The BONUS is you get to hang out with me and work for a fabulous agency!  See page 15 for more information.

Please read the rest of this newsletter HERE with educational, employment and community opportunities.  I wish you and your family a very Happy and Healthy August!   Let’s continue to strive to meet your goals and strengthen your self sufficiency.  And as always,  please let me know how I can help you by calling me at 920-424-1470 ext. 133 or emailing me at

Your success is my success. 

Warm Regards,

Kay Hinton

FSS Coordinator

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