December 2020 FSS Newsletter

Dear FSS participants and Community Members, 

Happy December!  Lately, have you found yourself not wanting to do the things that need to be done, like at work, home, or as you try to keep up with daily life?  This time of COVID could almost be thought of as one great big “I don’t wanna do this!” experience. A simple tool such as making your task into a game can help you get things done. In her writing, Victoria Ichizli-Bartels, an expert on games, recommends three steps for turning something into a “gameful” experience.  First, pay attention.  Observe yourself as you do the activity, just like you do when you take your turn at a game.  Second, break the activity down into small doable parts and keep track of your progress.  That’s like keeping score in a game.  You ask yourself how you’re doing and notice what needs to be adjusted.  Third, notice and appreciate your progress.  In other words, pay attention, keep score, and celebrate your progress.  Simply breaking down your activity into these three simple components can lead you into a state of flow, helping you complete the unwanted task positively and effectively.  Throughout this process, bring in some humor and lightness.  After all, playing games is fun. And can help you reach your goals.

Check out these services and many more in this December newsletter:

Please join me for our December Quarterly FSS Connection Group Zoom Meeting Monday, December 14, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.—10:30 a.m. Jamie Lenz, Program Service Coordinator for COTS, Inc., will be talking about COTS and their move to Oshkosh. COTS, Inc. is a transitional shelter helping individuals experiencing homelessness in the Fox Cities, Wisconsin. Their goal is to end homelessness by helping individuals to transition to self-sufficiency and independent living. See page 15 for more information. All are welcome.

 New Horizon Career Development webinars:   Please check out the career webinars on page 7. New Horizons has other monthly webinars starting December 1. It’s all about jobs: resume building, LinkedIn, networking, interviewing, etc. Every month, they’re going to have a different expert present.  Check it out! 

Salvation Army Seasonal Assistance sign up ends December 3rd or 4th!   Please call the Salvation Army – Fox Cities at 920-955-3646 or Salvation Army—Oshkosh at 920-232-7660 before it is too late!!

Please read the rest of this newsletter HERE with educational, employment and community opportunities. I wish you and your family a very Happy December! Let’s continue to strive to meet your goals and strengthen your self sufficiency. And as always, please let me know how I can help you by calling me at 920-424-1470 ext. 133.

Your success is my success.

Good health to you!

Kay Hinton

FSS Coordinator


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