Applications to be accepted for select projects

Oshkosh Public Housing Authority (OHA) Announces the Opening of the Following Waitlists:

– Waite Rug Project Public Housing

– Raulf Place Apartments

Both have preference for Elderly & Disabled Applicants

Raulf and Waite Application Waitlists Opening 2020.11

Online applications will be accepted beginning December 7, 2020 at 8:00 a.m.

Go to to receive more information about our programs and to apply online.

3 thoughts on “Applications to be accepted for select projects

  1. hello my name it Tiffany Loker I was wondering what the application process was for housing I am in emergency need in order to have my daughter come back to live with me which is very important to me I love the area and will be a great tenant I have done the rent smart class which was very beneficial I learned ALOT in taking that class thank you for your time

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