May 2020 FSS newsletter

Dear FSS participants,

I don’t know about you but this COVID time has been a time to reflect. How do I want to make my life better?   What am I doing that is not working for me? What am I not doing that I have always wanted to do? Why do I make sure everyone’s needs are met but my own? What would I have done before if I knew this was coming? Why do I color my hair? I am getting more sleep, trying new recipes, taking vitamins, dressing more comfortably (sweats), taking time outside to look at nature, and connecting with family in ways I never thought could be done. I am not called a hero by putting my life in danger fighting this virus. But I do know that I will be a changed person and, hopefully, a better person. I hope I appreciate people more, find more comfort in myself, worry less, take care of myself physically, create more, travel more, learn more, and make some changes in my life that give me a good balance of work and play. I hope the same for you. Stay well this May and see you when this blows over!

If you need to report changes in income and assets, please scan or take a picture of the verification and submit it by email at or drop it in the drop boxes outside our offices at 265 Kaukauna St, Menasha or 600 Merritt Ave, Oshkosh.

Congratulations to Andrea who is our newest FSS graduate!   Andrea has found full time employment with Adventures in Advertising (AIA). She has worked hard to better herself and her family while on the FSS program.   She ran her credit report, tracked her spending, made a budget, met with FISC for financial management, maintained her budget for 3 months, completed all but one class of her degree, completed her internship at Winnebago County Housing Authority, updated her resume and found full time employment with AIA. She graduates with $3,189.77 in her FSS escrow account. Please join me in congratulating her on her achievement!

Please read the rest of this newsletter HERE with educational, employment and community opportunities. If you have a question on whether some event is still moving forward, please call the phone number of the event sponsor.  I wish you and your family good health and safety. Let’s continue to strive to meet your goals and strengthen your self sufficiency. And as always, please let me know how I can help you by calling me at 920-424-1470 ext. 133.

Your success is my success.  

Stay well!

Kay Hinton FSS Coordinator


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