Temporary closing of main office effective 3/17/20

The Oshkosh and Winnebago County Housing Authority will be closing their main office effective Tuesday, March 17 due to the COVID-19 precautions that are recommended. This office is located at 600 Merritt Street in Oshkosh and is within Marian Manor apartments. The Winnebago County Housing Authority satellite office located at 265 Kaukauna Street in Menasha will also close.

All staff will still report to work and steps are being implemented to process any required paperwork via internet and U.S. Mail. There are outside drop box locations at the front entrance of Marian Manor within the vestibule and at the Menasha office near the front door, if you have rent or other paperwork that is required to be submitted.

View a map of the main office drop box location here.

If you currently have an in-person appointment set up with staff member you may be contacted to arrange a conference call to complete the appointment.

Please be patient as this is a difficult time and we will do our best to continue to serve the community.

Residents living in Housing Authority properties should be advised that Maintenance Staff will ONLY be responding to Emergency Work orders. If you call in for an Emergency Work Order, please advise staff if anyone in your home is ill so staff can take protective measures.

Specific questions may be emailed to generalinfo (at) ohawcha.org or call (920) 424-1450. We will respond as fast as possible. Further information may be found on our websites at www.ohawcha.org and www.winnebagohomebuyer.org, as well as following Oshkosh and Winnebago County Housing Authority on Facebook.

5 thoughts on “Temporary closing of main office effective 3/17/20

  1. Hello my name is Michelle Henke and I have a couple questions for you about the section 8 program. I’m at the top of the waiting list along with James Andre and I just left a message on your voicemail to make a appointment with you for the Raulph Place Apartments. So I’m waiting on a call back from you but anyway this is the first time I’ve done this program so with me I know that you need a benefit letter for both James and I and I have both of them for federal for the both of us but not the state yet. Also James is currently now on social security retirement benefits and his SSI disability will be cut to 166.00 a month I believe and he gets 688.00 for his retirement benefits. Now do I need to get you both the federal and state for the disability and the social security retirement benefits also or no? Also I’m only on the SSI and I have my federal benefit letter but not my state do you know if those two are separate or not? I also need to get a copy of our bank statements and transactions for the last 30 days. Also I don’t know what you mean by the other regular (non-sporadic) income if you can tell me what that is please. Also just a copy of the copays that James and I have paid for the last 1 year I need to get and I believe that’s all. Now the issue I ran into is James rents a building on Oshkosh Ave in Oshkosh obviously but he does not own it and has a landlord he pays his rent to and also pays the utilities for the place. Do you need anything for that for proof or anything because like I said he doesn’t own the property. I can give you the name of the landlord and phone number for him if you need it. I’m so sorry this is so long and I know it will take time to get back to me about it all but I just wanted to do it right so I have everything you need because like I said this is the first time for both James and I. Please email me back at michellehenke00@gmail.com with any answers and do I get time to get all the information you need before I meet with you for the appointment? I just didn’t want to keep you on the phone that long when you do call because I know you’re a busy lady. I appreciate your time and thank you for this opportunity for all the help that I currently need. It really means a lot and I appreciate it so much. I will talk to you soon and wait for your phone call back please.

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