FSS August 2018 Newsletter

It’s a Party! We had another FSS graduation party on July 27th.  This participant ran her credit report, tracked her spending,

made a budget, met with FISC for financial management, maintained a budget for 3 months, found reliable childcare for her baby,

updated her resume and found full time employment as a victim advocate. She now receives healthcare benefits through her employer and is providing a great life for her daughter.

She graduated with $1600.98!! Congratulations!!


We also had another FSS graduation on July 11th, 2018. She worked with WIA to take a career assessment, met with a career counselor to overcome a challenging work history,

created a resume and cover letter, updated her computer skills, worked with an agency to gain soft skills, and obtained and maintained full time employment. She increased her

self-confidence and marketability when she completed her FVTC receptionist academy certificate. She also worked on her financial management by attending Money

Conference, meeting with FISC, tracking her expenses and developing and maintaining her budget. She increased her credit score from 428 to 657.   The  most amazing

accomplishment was her ability to develop a healthy support system. She started to take better care of herself and things started to happen.  She graduates with $13,130.52!! Congratulations!!


Enjoy the rest of this newsletter by clicking HERE! Call me at 920-424-1470 x133 if you have any questions! Don’t let the summer stop you from meeting your goals!!!


Happy Summer!!!


Kay Hinton

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