FSS July 2018 Newsletter

It’s a Party!   Laurel graduated from the Family Self Sufficiency program on 6/20 at 11 am at 600 Merritt Ave, Oshkosh. She has worked very hard during her time in the FSS program. She enrolled in DVR, found a better fitting job, took computer classes to better her employability, improved her financial management skills, continues to meet with her Winnebago County Literacy Tutor, and has been able to set up an emergency fund for future needs. She graduated with $2763 in her FSS escrow account. Please join me in celebrating her success.

We have another FSS graduate in June with a graduation party pending in July. This participant ran her credit report, tracked her spending, made a budget, met with FISC for financial management, maintained a budget for 3 months, found reliable childcare for her baby, updated her resume and found full time employment as a victim advocate. She now receives healthcare benefits through her employment and is providing a great life for her daughter. She graduated with $1600.98!! Congratulations for being a great role model for young mothers !

FSS Connection Meeting: Thank you Deb Sommerhalder, owner of the Inner Sun Yoga Studio, for demonstrating some yoga moves, singing bowl, and roller balls to rejuvenate and heal. We had a fun and relaxing time.

School Supplies Assistance: It is that time of year again when school is done but we are already planning for next year’s school supplies. Please see page 6 for details on how to sign up. I still have a few referrals available.

Enjoy the rest of this newsletter with parenting activities, job openings, employment workshops, community events and more by clicking HERE!   Call me at 920-424-1470 x133 if you have any questions! Don’t let the summer stop you from meeting your goals!!!

Happy Summer!!! Kay Hinton,   FSS Coordinator


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