Youth Advisory Board leadership opportunity


*****Making a difference in the services provided to youth throughout the state of Wisconsin*****

The Balance of State is devised of 69 counties. These agencies collaborate to obtain funding to serve individuals and families experiencing homelessness and work side by side to provide support. The Balance of State also works with HUD and other members within the state on policies, procedures, standards, trainings and data.

What is the Youth Advisory Board: This group of diverse, young and vibrant youth will come to the table to discuss the services being offered throughout the Balance of State, as well as offer insight from a youth’s perspective. This group of participants will also look at policies and procedures across the state and offer feedback to not only the Balance of State but also to HUD. This will also include choosing providers for new programming in many areas within the state of Wisconsin. The ultimate goal is to End Youth Homelessness and this group will be tasked with that commitment.

Who should join: Anyone under 24 who have experienced or is experiencing homelessness, LGBTQ youth 24 and under, Pregnant and/or parenting youth 24 and under, youth involved in the juvenile justice system 24 and under, victims of sexual trafficking youth and exploitation, and any foster care youth 24 and under.

When are the meetings: We will be having 4 meetings a year and may require travel, however this will be reimbursed and we can assist in making travel arrangements with you. Meetings will offer lunch, food, prizes and fun. Incentives will also be offered to all of those youth that attend.

Our First Meeting will be held in Green Bay Wisconsin at Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin (300 Crooks Street GB 54305) on November 22 at 12:00 noon. Please call Meika Burnikel at 920-819-4694 with any questions. If travel is a concern give me a call and we will work something out for you to attend, if possible.

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